The 5th anniversary of the Spaces Summit

Season 2021, Episode 82
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From how it was born to what it is now in 45 minutes One of the things that make us really proud about working in Tech at is our annual Space Summit. Our internal tech conference by developers for developers. And maybe you can recall we had quite some interesting episodes, blogs and videos about it and some of the talks given there in the last 2 years. This year is a special edition! We celebrate our 5th anniversary!! In June 2018 Peter published an article on Linkedin with the subject: “What happened to me today? After the Spaces Summit of that year, he had to write down that experience.

What the episode covers

Why? Because he was really proud of what the engineering community within was capable of. And now, three years later we celebrate the 5th one.

Topics in this episode

  • The journey of the spaces summit
    • The early years.
    • Growing
    • Moving to an online event
    • Anniversary edition - hybrid
    • The future
  • The organization of the Spaces Summit
    • Preparation
    • Communication
    • Speaker selection and preparation
    • Speaker support
    • Coordination
    • Fun stuff and Enjoying
    • Mediocre stuff
    • Playground
  • Raising the bar is what we do in our jobs but also for this summit.
    • How do you top each year the previous year?


  • Luc Kleeven – Software Engineer (Platform) – Venue and budget
  • Aysegul Guldes – Software Engineer (Reverse) – Venue and budget + Speakers and program
  • Jasper Adegeest – Data Scientist (SAFe space) - Speakers and program
  • Tim van Hardeveld – Coordinator Onboarding, Learning & Development- Venue & Budget + Playground +

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