Tech Culture Month and the Tech Culture Manifesto

Season 2022, Episode 106
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In the introduction mail, it said: “Having a culture in which we all can thrive, is one of our most valuable assets. To celebrate and cherish our unique tech culture, we are organizing events throughout the month of June. ” From Meetups to Games, from Tech talks to sessions with the IT management and most important of all, interactions. That's in brief Tech Culture Month. We hope to inspire you to have one yourself or participate in these tech community-building events.

What the episode covers

We discuss Tech Culture Month.

  • What is Tech Culture Month?
  • Why is a series of events like this important?
  • What was the feedback from the community?

During this month our Tech Culture Manifesto got introduced.

  • What is it?
    • You Build It, You Run It, You Love It!
    • Have Fun
  • Why do we have or need this manifesto?
  • What did we learn putting this on paper?


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