The Storybook story

Season 2020, Episode 69
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Introduction It happens a lot that listening to a podcast sparks new questions. So, after our episode on Front-End quality, we wanted to know more about Storybook. This coincided with some people reaching out to us to collaborate in the podcast.

What the episode covers

And look where we are now: creating a new podcast on this subject. We asked our selves the question: Could it be the holy grail for front end development?

Topics discussed:

  • What is Storybook?
  • What problems does it solve?
  • How does it support app development?
  • What does the Add-on ecosystem look like?
  • Is there a way to do accessibility testing?
  • How do we at use this tool?
  • What future developments can we expect?


Show notes

The Storybook page.

The presentation at Codemotion by Yann.

Yann is building a Storybook course together with; Keep an eye on their website for the release.

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