PostgreSQL - Migration and Performance

Season 1, Episode 38
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This episode has 2 subjects: PostgreSQL migration and performance. The two guests of our show will present during the PostgreSQL User group meetup at which started shortly after this recording. The topic of the meetup is introduced as PG ConfEU - The Dutch talks..


  • Martijn Dashorst – a software engineer for over 20 years and has worked with various databases over the years, including DB2, Oracle, Sqlserver, SABDB and PostgreSQL. As a Java (enterprise) developer, he has worked in the education sector for over 12 years and developed student information systems for each of the Dutch levels of education. During those years he has worked on the open-source Java web framework Apache Wicket and given numerous presentations on that and other subjects on international conferences and meetups. Senior Software Engineer at Topicus.
  • Sebastiaan Mannem – Technically driven database, container and cloud specialist. Earned his stripes and was battle-hardened by the Dutch Government and Now working for EnterpriseDB as a senior consultant at Enterprise DB.

Show notes

PostgreSQL Conference Europe

HVR - tool used during migration from Oracle to Postgres as safeguard

Rust - programming language used by Sebastiaan to loadtest the Postgres database

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