Order Sourcing Simulation with Data Science

Season 2022, Episode 110
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Order Sourcing Simulation is needed to enable capacity steering over our warehouses, network of sellers and logistical partners. Data Science is used to predict customer behavior and simulate capacity impact.

What the episode covers

What is:

  • Order Sourcing
  • Capacity Steering (multiple warehouses, locations, etc)
    • What is needed to do this well?
  • Intake
  • Etc.

Now the context is clear, we can dive into the issue

What do we need to solve/achieve?

And when the why is clear, we can dive into the Data Science part:

  • When did Data Science popped up?
  • How do you use this for this issue?
  • What challenges do you need to deal with?
    • Business
    • Tech


Show notes

We refer to earlier episodes on the use of Data Science in our logistical area and for forecasting:

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