Opening our Data Treasure Chest with Tableau

Season 1, Episode 47
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Turning to business analytics this episode, we discover it’s a broad field. Business Intelligence hasn't been discussed that much yet in our podcast. So, we are excited to learn more.

What the episode covers

In an earlier episode, we discussed moving our Big Data platform to the cloud. This blog is described how we move our data platform into the cloud.

What tools do we need to get the data out and have all our users use it to their advantage? One of the tools is Tableau and together with our guests of the show, we dive into everything around this theme. How to become data-driven? What is the role of the data coach? How can you become scaleable? The road to self-service BI, etc.


Show notes

Tableau; the BI tool used by 50% of the company to do their daily analysis

Atscale; the layer in between BigQuery and Tableau

BigQuery; Google’s Data warehouse running in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Information Lab; the company we work together with to grow and benefit even more from the tableau usage.

Tableau Blueprint; the blueprint which is used as guidance

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