Load testing with Locust

Season 2021, Episode 97
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During the recording of this episode, we are in the week of Black Friday. An exciting week for people hunting for bargains. And also for a lot of our colleagues.

What the episode covers

Whether that is from a commercial point of view or an engineering one.

All the eyeballs on our website, bring a lot of traffic. And consequential a lot of load on our systems. In this episode, we focus on one aspect of preparing for a large load: Load Testing. In this episode, we are going to talk about Load Testing with Locust. An open-source load testing tool.

Triggered by our guest's presentation during the spaces summit, we wanted to know more about this and share it with you.

  • What is Locust?
  • Why did we start using Locust for Load Testing?
  • Examples of Load tests and Performance tests performed with this tool
  • What did we need to setup for it?
  • How to configure your Locust tests
  • How to run your tests on Kubernetes
  • What were the challenges?
  • How does it make use of the cloud benefits like scalability?


Show notes

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