Let's get Ethical

Season 2020, Episode 62
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"This is how we do IT", is the slogan of our Techlab site and podcast. Every now and then we reach out to external guests to learn from them and exchange ideas. We are really happy to have this external guest in our show to talk about "Let's get ethical".

What the episode covers

This multi-talent released her book ‘De bubbel’ mid 2019 after 15 years at Google, Spotify and Booking.com. She writes columns for the Dutch newspaper FD. One of those was the reason for me to reach out and invite her to the show. Currently, she is advising startups and scale-ups on their commercial and marketing strategy and she is a mentor for the SVDJ Accelerator (Foundation for Dutch journalism).

In this episode, we first get to know Sanne and her career a bit better to understand where the statement "let's get ethical" comes from. We discuss her book and the story of this woman who starts her career in a start-up and get dragged into "situations that have to be shared" as Sanne explains. The redline of her journey ethics in the tech-industry unfold when we make the step to the TedX talk and her call for the moral quotient. We wrap up talking about one of her columns about 'The Platform Bitch' which resonates when she shares her takeaway:

Rethink your relationship with tech.


  • Sanne Kanis: Tech & Media Executive, Ex-Spotify, Google and Booking.com, TedX Speaker, Columnist FD, Author

Show notes

A call for morality in tech (TEDx talk)

Her own website including the links to all FD columns

The Netflix Documentary-Movie The Social Dilemma

Open podcast platform Podimo

The platform for kids QniQr where they can set up their own shop and manage their own money


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