Front End Quality in an interactive-heavy application

Season 2020, Episode 64
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Introduction In this episode, we show a little of our front-end love. And our love for testing and enjoying the quality of a good front-end. It was time for that because the last time we talked about front end related stuff was quit some episodes ago.

What the episode covers

We are going to talk about Front End Quality in an interactive-heavy application.

First, we discuss two statements/dilemmas:

  • Testing is always balancing. Time vs. Quality: How much time to spent on getting all the cases (interactions) and edge cases clear vs. the level of quality.
  • Testing in non-pro is overrated, Canary testing is the future

After that we will dive into the topic by going over the subjects:

  1. Sketching the context & share the example
  2. Explain the Front end architecture
  3. Discuss the test setup and how it is different from the rest of webshop- including tools and frameworks used
  4. Lessons Learned

Interaction in the checkout results in changed components

image alt text


Kasper Peulen; Full Stack Engineer at
Jan Jaap Verheij; Senior Test Automation Engineer & Scrum Master

Both in the shopping domain working on the checkout.

Show notes




Always start your project with Typescript in strict mode.

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