Front-end Framework Journey

Season 2022, Episode 101
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Everybody can go to and check the Front-End of our webshop. But what if you are a seller, supplier, partner or internal employee? What is your view when interacting with our IT systems? In general, you will use one of our Portals. These portals made a long journey to get to the stage where they are today.

What the episode covers

Not only does the backend site, mainly covered by SWAP's (Small Web APplications) rely on different frameworks, also the Front-End work does. How to adapt to a new 'Look and Feel'? How to be consistent? How to make the lives of Software Engineers easier? Listen to this episode and find out yourself.

  • What does the Portal and SWAP architecture look like in
  • What is a front-end framework?
  • What role play Design Systems like Figma, Storybook, Zeroheight, Frontify, Stencil?
  • What are design tokens?
  • How do UX Designers, Front-End Developers and Back End Developers work together and profit from a framework?


  • Jake de Oude - Front-End Software Engineer
  • Robin Aldenhoven - Software Engineer within Logistics working on Front-End applications
  • Robin Cijvat – Product Tech Lead
  • Rens Jansen – Visual designer \ design system designer – new style in the component libraries

Show notes

In an earlier episode back in 2019 we already talked about SWAPs and a blog on this topic is available here.

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