Father & Son into IT

Season 2021, Episode 79
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Every time I look at you. I see myself.I'm so proud of you.For you help make me what I am.A better man.I'm just so proud of you.~ Lyrics by Alain Clark A special episode comes with a special opening. In February we had an extraordinary occasion during our onboarding.

What the episode covers

Father and Son in the same 'virtual room. Father started as Software Engineer in the bol.com security department and son started as... Software Engineer in the security department, doing his final intern assignment.

We have got many examples of father and son working relationships, One of the most famous at the moment are Max and Jos Verstappen. And we know more in the F1 (Hamilton in the past, Stroll). And of course, we know about company’s set up by one and succeeded by the other. So, really interesting to find out how that works in IT.

This story gave us a lot of hooks to discuss different aspects of our Engineering Culture and Way of Working. Besides the fact that we had a very proud father in the show, he also explained how he is impressed by the speed of this young generation. It will give insights into the internship position and the role of the intern. Is an intern an employee? What type of employee? At least we discuss what it means to onboard for an intern assignment and the steep learning curve to overcome in our environment.

He will always be my child, but he is not a kid anymore - Chris Polderman

It will trigger you to think about your own relationship with your kid and/or father/parents. Do you know what your fathers work look like? Your kid is ready to enter the working life, did you perform well as a parent? Is your father the same person at home as he is at his work? What can I learn from my own kid?


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