Dealing with stress in the tech sector

Season 2, Episode 50
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In this episode, we are exploring a topic that is definitely work-related but not that tech-related: Dealing with stress in the tech sector. At we have at least twice a year an employee engagement survey. Some of the questions are about how the workload is perceived.

What the episode covers

If you look at the results they differ per domain. So, context is very important. As is being pressured by deadlines.

Our guest reached out to us with the following message:"For all of us working in the tech sector most of us have felt the presence of anxiety from time to time. Especially when a big project has a hard deadline which cannot be pushed further in the future, or maybe sometimes due to the pressure we put on ourselves in order to "show the world we're capable and worth our position". Of course this subject can be way more relatable in nowadays where the pandemic has hit the world causing us to change our work habits, which might cause drops in productivity. Sometimes this anxiety has got me as well and that was the starting the point for doing small research into finding out easy tips & tricks that can help a person cope with the stress in the tech factor. So here's a list of tips and tricks split into two categories: a) How to cope with anxiety, b) how to prevent it from building up"

So we dove into this topic and found out there's a lot to tell and explore it.Indeed we touch upon 4 tips and tricks to cope with anxiety. Next to that we discuss our own experiences and relate them to prevention and even trends.


Show notes

The Imposter Syndrome; seen as one of the causes of stress

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