DDoS - specific attacks require AI powered washing solutions

Season 2023, Episode 116
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If you look at the title of this episode, you might think that we are going to unveil our details about how we protect the bol.com platform against DDoS attacks. We should be clear about this, we just can’t in the current world we live in. But we wanted to talk about this because the solution used is worthwhile sharing. So we double-checked with our security department and verified what aspects we can share; they are interesting enough.

What the episode covers

  • DDOS protection
    • For an ecommerce site like bol.com, is this a large problem?
    • With DDOS protection in place, what did we still miss? What needed to be improved?
  • Could you give an overview of the solution you came up with?
    • What sets it apart from solutions that are available in the market?
  • Let’s look at the data science part
    • How do we train the model?
    • Is there a way to validate the model besides just using it in production?
    • How do we deploy the model?
      • Or how do we get the configuration for the servers from the model?
  • How do cloud and DC (data centre) servers work together?
    • How do we leverage for example the scalability of the cloud?
    • Cloud load balancer
    • Cloud armour
  • Looking back what did we learn about Cloud that can be used in other innovations?
  • What did we learn about Data Science that can be used in other innovations?


  • Barrie Kersbergen – Principal Research Scientist – Data Scientist Recommendations
    • Was on the episode on the Artificial Research Lab ~Recommendations
  • Frank Kootte – Product Tech Lead in Shopping/Buying

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