Covid-19 Trilogy Part III - Adapting our way of working

Season 1, Episode 45
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Covid-19 rules the world, so it determines the subjects for our podcast. Just like others, we moved from studio recording to home recording. Basically working from home (WFH) and adapting our way of working.

What the episode covers

So we think it’s time to spent three smaller episodes on this subject as well and share our experiences.

We build up a trilogy which will cover the following subjects:

  1. Episode Office Automation: creating the prerequisites for WFH. A peek behind the screen of our Office Automation hero’s. Sharing how they prepared and showed their contribution in these uncertain times.
  2. Episode Season load: What are the Consequences of the Corona measurements on our e-commerce platform and IT systems.
  3. Episode Way of Working: How we moved from 1 office into 2000 offices and how our 600 people tech community adapted to this new reality.

As e-commerce player we are in the fortunate situation we can continue working and we can even contribute to helping people stay safe. The question, how do we facilitate all this from a tech perspective and even still innovate with our innovation teams? How do we adapt our way of working to this new normal?

As we tend to be working closely together on the same physical location. We want everyone who contributes in and to the team as close as possible. In these circumstances that isn’t possible. So, what did we adapt? We have been taking measures for over a month now. Time to look back, reflect and share some learnings and good practices.

Please be aware: This episode was recorded on the 30th. of March at the beginning of the 3rd. week WFH.We are fully aware that in the 4th. week, as we are in right now, WFH normalizes but differences between people in teams are visible. Energy levels aren't as high as the first weeks.


  • Burgert Kirsten – Coach or as we introduced him in a previous episode Human Systems Architect. Not sure whether you’ll be able to tell during this episode but with a love for improv theatre.
  • Marijn Goedegebure – Software engineer. Interested in Visual Impact.

Show notes

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Burgert referred to a company which has WFH by design with over 1100 employees by now. This company is automattic. Known from Wordpress. One of their statements: "Everyone works from the location they choose. We’re spread out all over the world in more than 70 countries". The podcast Burgert is referring to is called Making Sense Podcast with Sam Harris.

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