Bye bye boring retrospectives

Season 2022, Episode 108
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Many know the retrospective from the agile way of working. It's one of the most important sessions in working agile. If done correctly and followed up it will make you better step by step. This is also the reason many people use it as instrument to improve after for instance an emergency. But what if retro's become boring? Some might recognize this so time to dive into this and make retro's great again.

What the episode covers

The topics of the episode are:

  • What were the symptoms of these boring retrospectives for you?
  • Why are these bad for our teams? And our people?
  • Could you share with our audience why this topic was important to you?
  • Why do we need good retrospectives?
  • What are the elements of a good retrospective?
  • What were the alternatives or additional styles and structures you came up with?
  • Could you share some insights on the struggles you had and what you learned from them?


Show notes

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