BAPC2020 - Olympic spirit or serious business?

Season 2021, Episode 70
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Introduction No rhythm like algorithms. We have been talking in the podcast about programming contest before. For example, about our own Spaces Championship and Advent of code, which also takes place at the end of the year.

What the episode covers

Today we’ll be talking to some participants in the BAPC - The Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest.

Like stated on the website of BAPC, it is a contest in which about 90 teams from leading universities in Luxemburg, Belgium and The Netherlands participate. The teams have to solve a series of algorithmic problems and puzzles. The BAPC 2020 was held on December 12th at the Delft University of Technology and is organized by Mathematics Informatics Study Association ‘Christiaan Huygens’

Topics discussed:

  • What is BAPC2020?
    • Serious business
    • Strict rules
  • Two teams competing, why?
  • How is it organized? Virtual, gathering?
  • What kind of problems to solve?
  • Should you be an experienced SE?
  • Our own spaces championship
  • And the main question: will the hosts of the show compete in an upcoming championship?


  • Nena O'Driscoll; Young Professional, joined several and participated in one uni programming competition before, but never the BAPC
  • Bas van Rooij; Young Professional, joined several programming competition before, but never the BAPC

Show notes

Scoreboard of BAPC 2020

BAPC2020 on youtube, get an idea on the live scoreboard

Blog: The Dutch Software Testing Championship

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