Audiobooks - How to introduce the Netflix for reading?

Season 1, Episode 12
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As podcast makers, we are very happy that we can talk about a subject that is very close to ours. In this episode, we talk about one of the recent product launches. The launch of audiobooks.

What the episode covers

Besides the already existing “all you can read subscription” we developed an Audiobook subscription together with Rakuten Kobo.

In the world that is dominated by pictures and movies the book itself and reading are under pressure. But we also see that the audience for listening on demand is growing if you look at the Spotifies of this world. People get used to the concept of all you can watch, listen, etc. based on the success of the Netflixes of this world. Again Tech is driving this also for the launch of the Audiobook subscription and our guests of today's show know everything about this.


Emilie Osinga - responsible for subscriptions in our Reading and Learning shop.

Hicham Mzyati – Test Engineer in the team responsible for the delivery of all the Digital Goods – e-books; games, and the launch of audiobooks.

Peter Brouwers

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