Applied Improv in Business

Season 2021, Episode 76
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Introduction Peter is very honest in this episode (the stage is not the place he is really comfortable at) and Peter Paul is sharing his first experience with Improv (is it a small trauma Peter Paul?). So time to talk about Improv, Improvisation Theatre and applied Improv because we do want to learn about it and we are really curious how this relates to our Tech Community. Our guest Burgert prepared this along with these main topics Mindset, Skills, Culture, Structures and Who benefits. Mindset - Relates to the Improv Manifesto Making your partner look good over making yourself look good. Saying yes and over saying yes but. Playing in the moment overthinking and talking about the past of the future. Everything is an offer. There are no mistakes. Be average. Make a strong choice and stick to it. Skills Listening. Making choices. Speaking with confidence. Connecting/collaborating with others. Mental agility. Staying calm in uncertainty. Role flexibility. Culture Safe to make "mistakes" - happy accidents. The positive atmosphere of acceptance. Open to what emerges. Respect and value for others. Courage. Commitment. Focus. Structures Games, formats. Who does benefit I - The Individual We - The Team Everybody - The Organization.


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