API development for the retail platform

Season 1, Episode 22
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In this episode of the podcast, we talk about API development for the retail platform. A very important subject for a retail platform like bol.com. Given that we are a platform we have a lot of partners to interact with.

What the episode covers

To do that in a neat way we need APIs. And as a platform, we are multi-sided so we have to offer different APIs for different groups of users. So a lot of interesting aspects to cover.


Jarno Walgemoed; Owner at Sourcelabs; Software engineer with a strong focus on partner API’s at bol.com;

Willem van Schieveen; Team lead in the shopping platform; former PO of the app API, partner APIs & API Gateway. API advocate.

Show notes

More about the Retailer API

More about the Open API (or Partner API)

The barcode scanner example which uses the open API functionality that is now also available in the bol.com App.

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