We won the award for Best Tutorial at the EuroSTAR 2017 conference

This year Joost and Ivo were invited to give their tutorial 'Docker for Testers' at the EuroSTAR Conference. Docker has been instrumental in speeding up the development process at bol.com. We use it to create isolated test environments, to speed up feedback cycles and to allow teams to work more autonomously.

The tutorial started off with some context about how we use Docker at bol.com, followed by 6 hands-on exercises. Over a 100 participants got the chance to familiarize themselves with the basics of Docker and start building an isolated test environment. They experimented with running a web server, retrieving data from a database and using Selenium and Maven containers to execute UI tests.


The tutorial itself was a big success, with happy participants, great discussions and follow up questions. The participants definitely showed their appreciation by voting for this tutorial as the best tutorial of the conference!

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Want to try it yourself?

The tutorial focuses on the basic concepts of Docker and how you can use Docker to create isolated test environments. If you would like to try out for yourself, you can find the material at https://bolcom.github.io/docker-for-testers/.