Video: James Bach on the future of the testing role

We hosted the Techlab meetup on the 15th of March

Wow! One hundred testers and developers in attendance. What a great turn out for our very first Techlab meetup, which we co-organized with Xebia's Tester Masters Series. Thank you for being there!

An impression of the meetup

An impression of the meetup, showing the audience and James

James' talk on the testing role

James kicked off the night in style by speaking about the future of the testing role. Having developed a diagramming style, rolegrams, together with his brother Jon, he explained his views on the testing role and the tasks associated with that. He also went into detail on what skills make testers unique and that readiness to pick up tasks is crucial to be able to do a task well. You can watch the video below to catch all the details, it is well worth a watch if you couldn’t make it to the meetup!

From the trenches

After the break, we continued with a combined talk by and Xebia, with stories from the trenches. The role of the tester is changing, but how do companies manage this in the day to day reality? Viktor and Joost gave examples from their respective companies and clients, which triggered a whole bunch of questions from the audience. Check out the video if you want to find out more.

See you next time!

It was a very successful night with a great crowd, a testing legend on stage and stories from the trenches. We are happy to announce that our next meetup with Xebia will be on the 26th of April. Make sure to reserve the date and we hope to see you next time!

Joost van Wollingen

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