Video: Insights- Building a Boomerang that doesn’t come back (to haunt you) at Spaces Summit

“My past year as a software engineer at has mostly been dedicated to breaking down one of the big monoliths within our software landscape into smaller services. To be more specific: I’ve been working in a team to extract the processes related to customer returns into a separate microservice. The primary challenge we’ve faced as a team over this last year was in the constant change surrounding us, due to other teams helping in parallel on the decomposition of the monolith. As a result, at any given time you may have to rely on either said monolith, a newly created service, or both for fulfilling a business process.

In the talk I gave at the spaces summit, I’ve discussed the architectural and testing concepts that have proven invaluable for us as a team to fall back on while working on these complex changes. And, while things are never perfect, we still feel the benefits of strictly separating our functional domain from technical details. Moreover, we’ve been able to apply a testing strategy that fits together very well with our internal architecture and which gives us a clear idea about what risks we tests and where we test them. “

Mattijs Meiboom

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