Spaces Talk #5: Super Mario’s Dive Through The Gitlab Pipelines

Spaces Summit is our annual internal conference for IT, by IT, and friends: Two fun days of inspiration, knowledge sharing, bragging, and community. This year, our 4th edition, was our first digital version of the summit. All our summits are recorded and published on YouTube, free to watch for everyone. Check for all info on all our summits and their recordings.

As one of the organizers of Spaces Summit 2019 and 2018, as well as mentor of the 2020 organizers, I'm proud that we were able to very quickly pivot from a physical conference, which was already fully organized, to a virtual one when COVID-19 became an issue. We continue our knowledge sharing - no matter what.

I'm Patrick van Dissel, member of the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) team at Together with my team we provide CI/CD services to the rest of In our transition from fully managed CI/CD, owned by my team, towards a full self-service CI/CD setup, with the objective of getting Developers in Control (here’s the talk recording of our detailed vision), we're moving from Jenkins to Gitlab. My Spaces Summit talk "Super Mario’s Dive Through The Gitlab Pipelines" focuses on giving insights on the CI/CD functionality of Gitlab and how it works under the hood.

About the talk

Super Mario dives and runs through pipelines to discover new worlds. With Gitlab, your code flows through the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines to blossom on production and be discovered by its end users.

What happens under the hood of Gitlab Pipelines?Gitlab Pipeline, Job, Runner; how does this all work?How to debug and optimize these pipelines?

Conquer this new world through this Super Mario Gitlab Runner game!

Watch it here👇

This talk was pre-recorded before the summit, very early in the morning. Sorry for the sleepy me.

Patrick van Dissel

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