Spaces Talk #6: Making Demos Great Again

At this year's Spaces Summit, I presented a talk onStreamlit: a new web application framework in Python, which is perfect for making data science demos.

About the talk

As Data Scientists, we often need to quickly prototype ideas and showcase those projects to the business. Yet, Python scripts are not very visually appealing and Powerpoint is not always suitable. You also don't want to spend weeks setting up that throw-away, unmaintainable Flask application, just for the purpose of showcasing your idea.

Fortunately, there's a solution to all of these problems: Streamlit! Streamlit is an easy to use open-source app framework for Data Science written in Python which allows you to set up an interactive app in MINUTES. Streamlit takes away the pain of worrying about the front-end so you have enough time to worry about the data.

Give your demos and presentations superpowers by incorporating Streamlit into your data science toolkit. If you don't want to waste any more time building buggy and unmaintainable apps for the mere purpose of showcasing your project and want to go from zero to full-fledged demo in minutes, then watch the talk below.

Take a look!

Marloes Kuijper

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