Spaces Talk #4: From prototype to production. A real-life cloud story.

This year the Spaces Summit was held virtually and Anastasija and myself, Quiran Storey, presented a talk on a topic that is close to our daily work "From prototype to production. A real-life cloud story."

About the talk

All things start out as ideas, or prototypes, and our R2D2 is no different. In this talk we will give you a glimpse of how’s self-service cloud provisioning tool came to be. But also how it is constantly evolving from a proof of concept to a full-on production system. We will share some of the tales of technical battles we have survived while building an infrastructure-as-code tool in an ever-changing technical landscape.

In this session, you will learn what we have done in the past year to improve R2D2. We will dive into technical details and learnings about how to do infrastructure as code, the mistakes we have made and how we are trying to scale R2D2. Whether you hate it or love it or just learned to live with it, this talk is for you.

Watch it here👇