Spaces Talk #3: How to work the climbing ladder?

I, Asparuh Hristov, a Data Science Craft Lead at, believe that my working experience actually helps my other huge passion: Climbing. Sure, my work leaves a limited amount of time for actual climbing, but at the same time improved the quality of this time spent practicing my hobby tremendously.

During the Spaces Summit 2020 digital conference from, I did a talk on “How to work the climbing ladder?”.

About the talk

"Your job should be your passion” has been repeatedly questioned by work/life-balance "gurus" with the argument that many people haven’t found their passion yet. But what if you have two passions? Can you find the balance then?I personally gave up trying to find this holy grail. Instead of figuring out where to draw the line, don't draw one at all. Instead of trying to find 30 hours in a single day required to train on a professional level and work full time, do both at the same time! Live in such a way so that you improve at both!

You might think that this is impossible, but what if I tell you that you can learn more from training than from doing a PhD in mathematics? What if the time spent in the office can actually make you climb harder than ever before? In this talk, you will learn about universal life- and work lessons which will help you in the journey of becoming a more balanced human.

Take a look!

Asparuh Hristov

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