Spaces Talk #1: They took our jobs!

Spaces Summit is our annual internal conference for IT, by IT, and friends: Two fun days of inspiration, knowledge sharing, bragging, and community. This year we had our first digital version of the summit.

My name is Asparuh Hristov and working as a Data Science Craft Lead in the Forecasting team, I keep encountering people that believe Machine Learning can automate all existing jobs, including Data Science itself. I hope that this talk can bring a bit more of understanding what Data Science is, which steps can be automated and which not.

About the talk

Machine learning has already made many professions obsolete. Data scientists keep automating business processes, which causes more and more people to lose their jobs. It seems like we are all threatened to be replaced by machines. Ironically, this includes the data scientists themselves. There are solid advancements in automatic machine learning itself. Is this something they should be afraid of? Are data scientists destroying their own future?To answer this, we will first have to figure out what data science actually is. What can (and therefore will) be automated and what would likely to remain managed by humans at least in the foreseeable future? Next to these, we will find out whether robots can drink coffee, emotionally argue on what the KPI should be, massage your lovely stakeholders, and many more!

Take a look!

Asparuh Hristov

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