Software Engineering Meetup - Microservices

On Thursday the 7th of September Meetup of Software Engineering will be hosted by together with Flock.


18:00 - Doors open. Food & drinks provided bij bol.com19:00 - Talk #1: Microservices at the police by Bert Jan Schrijver19:45 - Break20:00 - Talk #2: Microservices at by Niels Basjes20:45 - Networking and beer

Microservices at the Police by Bert Jan Schrijver

Microservices? At the Police? Definitely! At the Cloud, Big Data and Internet division of the Dutch National Police, 3 DevOps teams use the latest open source technology to build high tech web applications. These applications are used to police work.


Bert Jan Schrijveris a Software craftsman focused on Java, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. International speaker, recognized Java champion and JavaOne rock star. User Group leader for NLJUG, author for the Dutch Java magazine and Devoxx4Kids volunteer. Definitively check out his work - Profile Bert Jan Schrijver

Microservice at the by Niels Basjes:

During this talk, you will learn how the largest online retail platform in the Netherlands implements Microservices.


Niels Basjes is a Lead IT Architect at with a focus on enabling the rest of the company to design and build scalable solutions. Specialises in IT Architecture, Educating people in building distributed scalable systems (i.e. give BigData / Hadoop / HBase / Pig / Hive / ... training), Innovating the IT stack @, Speaking at conferences etc – Profile Niels Basjes

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