Software Circus 2017 joins the Circus

The conference with a kick is back! And they have been busy.. This time Software Circus will come back as a true FestiCon. Here they will challenge the status quo and bust this cloud open to really see what is in, out and around. And will be a part of this FestiCon Circus.

The Mechanics. The Philosophy. The Guts & The Glory! In other words, the maker culture, architecture, the magic and impact of Software, the startups, business to business… All will have a true platform and will take center stage at this event.

On this event our own Maarten Dirkse will give a talk and workshop:

Talk - Cloud Saves The Day

Maarten explains the transition went through last three years and what how cloud saved the day.

Workshop - Maintaining trust in the changing IT-circus.

We all want to go fast, be agile in the cloud and most of all DevOps. So we try, fail, fix forward and learn. We have embraced failure as part of the operating model. We keep adding new cloud tools and services all over the place, leading to chaotic situations that even champion monkeys were not prepared for. Meanwhile the customer has stepped into the circus and wants to understand what’s going on. Chaos Monkey was just the start.

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