Part 3: Talks Spaces Summit v2.0

Last June, Spaces Summit was organized by and for employees. At Techlab, we want to celebrate this event by highlighting two presentations every month. This month, let's get meta, and talk about organizing a conference. After that, we'll go full geek again and look at Kotlin, to cure the Java headache you probably didn't realize you were having in the first place.

If you would like to see the presenters and their presentations in person, feel free to drop by at our MeetUp on the 18th of October! You can subscribe here.

Talk #1: Organizing a conference in 80 days

Speaker: Mary Gouseti

Genre: Way of working


Do you also have the lust to go to conferences?

Should I even ask, of course you do! It's the best place to meet people, exchange ideas, get inspired, it's just awesome! There are conferences for everyone and any topic.

If you are still doubting just look at the number of conferences around IT! Is it academia? Is it the industry? Or even just a product? You name it, if it's significant enough it has a conference.

Let me take you on an amazing trip, organizing a conference in 80, ok let's make it 90, days!

I mean, people traveled around the world in less, it should be possible. Would you be up for the challenge?

Talk #2: Best painkiller for Java headache

Speaker: Nikola Lucic

Genre: Backend


"Wow! Do we really need all this code?!"

-- anyone looking at Java code

Yep... so let's not do that again!

Introducing to you, the relief to your java headache: Kotlin.

Kotlin makes your code concise and beautiful.

Never have a NullPointerException again, and use collections as they are meant the be used!

All that while still running your code on JVM!

This, and more, will convince you to use Kotlin, in this live coding session.

Sjors van Berkel

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