Let our bol.com partners shine

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Today we had our third edition of Let partners shine. Around 50 bol.comer’s - among them software engineers, test engineers, information analysts, UX designers and business analysts - got together for the whole day to participate in this competition. The idea was to fix and improve little interactions that cause frustration for the users in the partner platform. Each issue that needs to be fixed is called a “blush,” and refers to a small change that always sink to the bottom of the backlog and never gets priority. However, when we think about these little issues, it makes us blush :oops: .

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The gameEach “blush” is well described and is allotted a number of points based on how embarrassing the issue is. The team that fixes the most blushes and gets the highest points gets cool awards!

Happy partnersAfter hours of coding and hacking sessions (and loads of sandwiches, chips, drinks, customized M&M's and coffee) we tested our fixes and brought them live for our partners (business and private sellers) to enjoy. We had tons of fun as we made the bol.com partner platform shiny again. We are looking forward to the next edition!

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