FrontMania 2023

I recently had the opportunity to attend Frontmania, a front-end conference held in Utrecht. It was an incredible experience filled with insightful talks, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities with fellow front-end enthusiasts. In this blog post, I will share some highlights from the conference and the key takeaways that I gained from the event.

The conference took place in the city center of Utrecht at the Jaarbeurs. Together with a couple of colleagues from Bol, I was given the chance to attend Frontmania this year. One of the major strengths of the conference is its wide scope. It covers various aspects of front-end development, ranging from specific topics to more general ones. As a result, each talk offers a unique perspective. The organizing committee has done an excellent job curating a diverse and inclusive program of talks.

Next to attending, I was also accepted to give a talk on 'The Future of 3D components.' It has been an amazing experience to share insights and passion with others through the talk. During my talk, I discussed the emerging trends in 3D components (WebGL, ThreeJS & React Three Fiber) and how they can enhance user experiences on the web.

Person on stage at FrontMania

Must watch talks

Some talks I really enjoyed! I promise you, these are worthwhile to watch 😁

Visualizing Connections (by Nadieh Bremer)

This talk is one of those talks you’ll remember for a long time. Nadieh gave a keynote talk on how she visualizes big datasets. She has an amazing talent where she combines her data analysis skills with frontend visualization of huge datasets/graphs. From a family tree of 3000 people connected to the European Royal houses to those existing between our Intangible Cultural Heritage created for UNESCO to connections.

This skillset is really niche, and therefore mind-blowing to see. For me personally, this talk was the best one of the day and, therefore, a must-watch!

Person on stage at FrontMania

Rethinking desktop applications with progressive web apps (by Nico Martin)

“Yes, I’m using Comic Sans in my presentations, and there is nothing you can do about it.” A super informative and funny presentation by Nico Martin. I love seeing the possibilities of the web, especially when you’re going beyond the 'well-known' APIs.

Nico shows the possibilities of using service workers to access deeper layers of the system. From customizing fonts to storing/importing files in your progressive web app. This talk will inspire you to see what is possible beyond the 'safe' borders of the web.

Person on stage at FrontMania

The Future of 3D elements on the Web (by Tim Beeren)

Something with shameless plugging, right? So yeah, I gave this talk, and I think it’s a must-watch. Kind of lame, maybe 😁

However, I think it’s good to keep up with the latest trends and get into the latest trends. Keeping up with these developments and getting inspired by new technologies is essential. With the changes we're witnessing, particularly in e-commerce, it's no longer a matter of why you should interact with 3D, but rather when. In my talk, I delve into the current trends, showcase various practical 3D examples, and dispel the misconception that developing 3D elements is difficult.

Person on stage at FrontMania


Overall, Frontmania really exceeded my (& other bol developers) expectations. I highly recommend going there next year to get to know loads of other front-end enthousiast! Next to being an awesome conference, it’s also close to home - making it a no-brainer to get inspired.