Developers in Control

Thursday, November 16, 2017, hosted the Continuous Delivery Amsterdam meetup

There were two talks planned:

  1. DocOps as part of DevOps, about how to integrate documentation in the developers workflow
  2. Developers in Control, about the past, the now, and the future of the build automation team, and its services, at

Sadly the speaker of the first talk was hindered, luckily the second talk made up for it. With the enthusiasm of the attendees, the duration of the second talk was stretched to 1,5 hours.

Abstract has a build automation tools team since 2012, going from installation manuals, to hundreds of manually maintained Jenkins jobs, to 5000+ generated Jenkins jobs, to fully autonomous teams. What did we do, what are we doing, where are we going, and how are we getting there.

In this demo rich talk, I'll show you the ins- and outs, our challenges, and our approaches to keeping our growing development community happy and productive.

Bio Patrick van Dissel: DevOps minded Software Engineer|Craftsman|Gardener with Operational skills. Working on everything development process tooling related, in the build automation tools team at And co-organizer of the Continuous Delivery Amsterdam meetup.



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