's big Data Journey

As techlead on's technical platform my responsibilities include how we work with BigQuery. For us it's not just a way to park a lot of data. It is a place where development teams store their data so that the rest of the business can get their insights and analysis.

Our analytics use cases ranges from insights such as margin, price and stock at the product level all the way up to overall corporate performance. While we look back, we also look forward using Machine learning and AI to accurately forecast our sales.

This is all powered by over 100 IT teams in an autonomous fashion. Teams can use our internal platform to start new projects when they need to. Together with scratch spaces for business users we have over 2500 cloud projects for example!

We recently went over our journey with our cloud partner Google, taking about how we want to offer BigQuery as much data as we can directly to people in the business. I invite you to watch me and Bruno Aziza talking about how we do this: