Dealing with Technical Debt – an experiment

On 10-12-2019
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Dealing with Technical Debt – an experiment

One of the aspects that keep popping up in software development: Technical Debt. Some created on purpose, for example, to get features into production fast. Some just came into existence…

So, what is Technical Debt? And how to fight it. According to the definition* it can be compared to monetary debt. If technical debt is not repaid, it can accumulate ‘interest’, making it harder to implement changes later on.  

A couple of weeks ago George approached us and said, it might be an interesting topic to discuss because in my team an approach to technical debt is experimented with. So, listen to this episode to find out with our guests.


  • George Katsikopoulos; Young Professional and Software Engineer in the team focusing on Collection Processing, Fraud & Risk.


Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek


*definition according to Wikipedia.

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