Cloud as Enabler to become more data driven

On 7-08-2019
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Cloud as Enabler to become more data driven

Cloud as Enabler to become more data driven. The adjective data driven means that progress in an activity is compelled by data, rather than by intuition, personal experience or a gut feeling.

Googling data driven gives you over 637 mln. results so time to add an extra result to this with this episode.

But we wanted to make it more specific. We moved or big data into the cloud and we had some nice insights that we want to share. We asked our two guests of this episode to do so.

It turned out to be an interesting talk about data quality but also about ‘data wrestling’.  About how to migrate your older data platform into an up to date data platform. About training your business consumers in their mind-shift from ‘resource aware’ to ‘cost aware’. And about how to explore all the new opportunities that comes with this new setup.


Anne van den Brink; Manager Business Intelligence Platform & Support

Arthur Hansen; Business Analist in Finance – Controlling


Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek

Show Notes

Atscale; the layer in between BigQuery and Tableau

Tableau; the BI tool used by 50% of the company to do their daily analysis

BigQuery; Google’s Datawarehouse running in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

One of the opportunities discussed in this episode is about data science. In earlier episodes we spent some time on this subject: Forecasting, Intent Recognition

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