Advent of Code 2019

On 19-12-2019
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Advent of Code 2019

The subject of this podcast episode is totally in line with the holiday season. Time for the advent calendars in many different formats. One of these formats is the Advent of Code 2019!  

The Tech Community is participating in this event. In this episode, we talk with 2 participants and discover what it is all about. We explore what it could do. Our software engineers see it as a good way to sharpen their problem solving and a good exercise for the upcoming spaces programming championship. Some become really competitive.


  • Erik Tillema; Software Engineer in the logistics domain.
  • Carst TankinkSoftware engineer, in our webshop. And both the driving force behind the community participating in this Advent of Code edition.


Peter Brouwers

Peter Paul van de Beek


The Advent of Code 2019