Measuring execution time in Kotlin coroutines

    Danu Pranantha, on 11-05-2021
    Category: Development

    1. Background kotlinx.coroutines is one of the asynchronous (and concurrency) libraries in Kotlin for writing asynchronous, non-blocking code. Kotlin coroutines are cooperative subroutines that can suspend and resume their execution at any suspension point (awaiting a result). Coroutines themselves have been around since the 1960s. Coroutines are lightweight cooperative multitasking, often referred to as ‘lightweight threads.’ They yield control upon suspension. Other coroutines can then use it to start/continue their execution. Thus, they don’t depend on a scheduler and operating system. On the other hand, threads are based on the…

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    Love your logging

    Peter Paul van de Beek, Peter Brouwers, on 9-07-2020
    Category: Podcast

    When it comes to developing software we use the adagio: You built it, You run it, You love it. Same should hold for all the -ilities or non-functional requirements. So, one should love their logging. One of the subjects that we did not really touch yet in our podcast is non-functionals. Today we take a closer look at logging. An aspect that typically fills some of the non-functionals or -ilities. Love your logs and Love the people after you. For the first time in the history of the Techlab…

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