Warehouse Mechanization – podcast

    Peter Paul van de Beek, Peter Brouwers, on 28-10-2021
    Category: Podcast

    Warehouse mechanization is a part of our IT landscape where our IT meets the physical world. It is one of those places where we encounter that while we could scale our IT almost indefinitely in the cloud, the physical world and warehouses don’t work that way. As you listen to this episode you will learn how the world of IT has to adapt to the physical world to make things work. And as Peter states this is also the place where e-commerce comes to life. This is the place where…

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    The life of a WMS consultant at bol.com

    Jeroen Ligthart, on 7-01-2019
    Category: Blog, Culture

    Bol.com is growing with approximately 30% per year, not just in terms of revenues but also operationally. With these increasing numbers it’s an on-going challenge to fulfil all customer orders in time. Year in year out we’re pushing both logistical operations and IT to their limits; two elements that come together in the role of a WMS (Warehouse Management System) Consultant. it’s our job to design and build scalable solutions in the WMS to improve stability and operational efficiency.

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