Measuring execution time in Kotlin coroutines

    Danu Pranantha, on 11-05-2021
    Category: Development

    1. Background kotlinx.coroutines is one of the asynchronous (and concurrency) libraries in Kotlin for writing asynchronous, non-blocking code. Kotlin coroutines are cooperative subroutines that can suspend and resume their execution at any suspension point (awaiting a result). Coroutines themselves have been around since the 1960s. Coroutines are lightweight cooperative multitasking, often referred to as ‘lightweight threads.’ They yield control upon suspension. Other coroutines can then use it to start/continue their execution. Thus, they don’t depend on a scheduler and operating system. On the other hand, threads are based on the…

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    10 takeaways from KotlinConf

    Peter Paul van de Beek, Peter Brouwers, on 8-01-2020
    Category: Podcast

    A group of Kotlin enthusiast joined KotlinConf back in December last year in Copenhagen. We invited this group to share their learnings for this conference. Two of the participants are sharing their takeaways from KotlinConf with you. Our first podcast was about the adoption of Kotlin at Hope you will also enjoy this episode and our second season. Guests Cas Plattel; Software Engineer in the Fintech domain  Oscar Spruit; Software Engineer in the Apps domain Hosts Peter Brouwers Peter Paul van de Beek Shownotes KotlinConf KotlinConf 2019 on youtube

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    Our Kotlin adoption journey

    Peter Brouwers, Peter Paul van de Beek, on 2-05-2019
    Category: Podcast

    Kotlin was first used by our teams a couple of years ago. It had an interesting start that shows how we adopt technology in general. In different feature teams a group of software engineers explored their own use cases for Kotlin. Some very enthusiastic, some a bit more skeptical and eventually they found each other. A new community in was  born, the Kotlin community. In this episode we talk about this journey, the use cases, the adaption and the impact on frameworks that we use in our feature teams. Guests…

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    Part 3: Talks Spaces Summit v2.0

    Sjors van Berkel, on 25-09-2018
    Category: Blog, Culture, Development

    Last June, Spaces Summit was organized by and for employees. At Techlab, we want to celebrate this event by highlighting two presentations every month. This month, let’s get meta, and talk about organizing a conference. After that, we’ll go full geek again and look at Kotlin, to cure the Java headache you probably didn’t realize you were having in the first place.

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