Interaction Design – Celebrate Failure

    By PeterPaulvandeBeek on 21-08-2019
    Category: Podcast, Interaction Design, Interaction Design, UX

    Where do we learn most in our lives? When things that we do succeed, or when we do stuff and they don’t turn out how we expected? They “fail”. Exactly, we can learn a lot from our failures. How does this relate to Tech? Or, to be more precise, how does that relate to the design of the webshop? And how do we know if we succeed or fail, is it a gut feeling or do we learn through structured research? In this episode, we explore the theme of success, failure and learning together with…

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    By Dgiesen on 16-03-2017
    Category: Blog, UX, Development starts an online test environment called It is a way to test and experiment quickly with new (technical) ideas and concepts in order to improve the shopping experience of the customer. This new environment is opened in order to speed up the innovation process from idea to realization, and fills up the gap between user research (N = 1) and A/B testing (N = >100k).

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