’s big Data Journey

    René Kroon, on 23-11-2021
    Category: Architecture, Business Intelligence

    As techlead on’s technical platform my responsibilities include how we work with BigQuery. For us it’s not just a way to park a lot of data. It is a place where development teams store their data so that the rest of the business can get their insights and analysis. Our analytics use cases ranges from insights such as margin, price and stock at the product level all the way up to overall corporate performance. While we look back, we also look forward using Machine learning and AI to accurately…

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    ‘OK Google…..’ – the future of voice is here

    Peter Brouwers, Peter Paul van de Beek, on 31-07-2019
    Category: Podcast

    ‘OK Google…..’ – the future of voice is here. Everybody with a Google Assistant on their phone or with Google Speakers installed uses this command more and more. It’s even used by radio DJ’s to make fun and just shout out commands to see what’s happening. And you know when people start making jokes with it, it’s becoming a success. There is a future for interaction by voice. Time to talk about this success with our two guests who were part of the team that introduced the future of voice…

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