’s big Data Journey

    René Kroon, on 23-11-2021
    Category: Architecture, Business Intelligence

    As techlead on’s technical platform my responsibilities include how we work with BigQuery. For us it’s not just a way to park a lot of data. It is a place where development teams store their data so that the rest of the business can get their insights and analysis. Our analytics use cases ranges from insights such as margin, price and stock at the product level all the way up to overall corporate performance. While we look back, we also look forward using Machine learning and AI to accurately…

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    HPA: how it can save you headaches and money

    Alexandra Egher, on 12-03-2021
    Category: Cloud, Development

    In this blog, we show you how to automatically scale your application resources according to either the CPU consumption or to the incoming load of your application.  Background As humans, we are capable of adapting to variable inputs and situations. Some of us are slower, whereas others easily adapt to change. In dynamic environments, flexibility has become one of the most valued skills. As engineers, we also thrive for adaptability. We embrace new technologies, new responsibilities, and new ways of working together. We want to build future proof solutions that react quickly…

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    Moving to the cloud? Don’t let your application become a downer!

    Richard Deurwaarder, on 12-02-2021
    Category: Blog, Cloud, Infrastructure, Development

    Introduction At we have two main ways of running our applications. We can deploy them in a Datacenter (DC) managed by us or we can run them on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Many applications are being migrated from DC to the GCP to take advantage of the different products available in GCP. Switching to the cloud isn’t just a matter of lift ‘n shifting your application though, there are several changes that you should take into account. One of those changes is, how the behavior of the underlying platform…

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    Integration testing Pub/Sub interactions in your application

    Mark Krijgsman, on 18-02-2020
    Category: Development

    As part of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google provides Pub/Sub as its queuing mechanism. After creating a Pub/Sub topic in GCP, you can create publishers to send messages to a topic and subscribers to receive messages from a topic. In order to send or receive Pub/Sub messages from GCP, you can choose to authenticate with GCP through user account or service account credentials. This has one disadvantage; when running your build either locally or on a build server such as Gitlab, your application will attempt to communicate with GCP for its Pub/Sub interactions. Your build will either…

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