Spaces Talk #6: Making Demos Great Again

    Marloes Kuijper, on 19-10-2020
    Category: Data Science & AI, Events

    At this year’s Spaces Summit, I presented a talk on Streamlit: a new web application framework in Python, which is perfect for making data science demos. About the talk As Data Scientists, we often need to quickly prototype ideas and showcase those projects to the business. Yet, Python scripts are not very visually appealing and Powerpoint is not always suitable. You also don’t want to spend weeks setting up that throw-away, unmaintainable Flask application, just for the purpose of showcasing your idea. Fortunately, there’s a solution to all of these…

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    Spaces Talk #4: From prototype to production. A real-life cloud story.

    Quiran Storey, on 24-08-2020
    Category: Architecture, Cloud, Infrastructure, Development

    This year the Spaces Summit was held virtually and Anastasija and myself, Quiran Storey, presented a talk on a topic that is close to our daily work “From prototype to production. A real-life cloud story.” About the talk All things start out as ideas, or prototypes, and our R2D2 is no different. In this talk we will give you a glimpse of how’s self-service cloud provisioning tool came to be. But also how it is constantly evolving from a proof of concept to a full-on production system. We…

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    Video: My Chaos Engineering presentation

    Luc Kleeven, on 9-07-2020
    Category: Blog, Development

    During the spaces summit this year, I did a talk on “Chaos Engineering: Why we should embrace chaos”. About me I’ve been working as a software developer since 2008 and have been at since 2016. I’m passionate about code quality: clean code, testing, reliability, etc. I recently learned about chaos engineering and I think it might be the next new tool in our developer toolkit to improve our code quality even further! About the talk Chaos engineering is the practice of doing experiments on your system to gain insights…

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    Spaces Summit 2019 – Part II

    Peter Paul van de Beek, Peter Brouwers, on 27-06-2019
    Category: Podcast

    Three years ago, a group of enthusiastic engineers gathered together during the Friday drinks. They wanted to interact more in the growing organization. Learn more from each other by sharing cool stories. The plan for a tech summit was born, they called it Spaces Summit.   Three years later the 3rd edition in succession is organized by a dedicated team of committed engineers. It’s the 13th of June and the Techlab Podcast team is on the Spaces Summit 2019 location to give you an impression of the Spaces Summit.   In the previous episode of the podcast we interviewed one…

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    Spaces Summit 2019 – Part I

    Peter Paul van de Beek, Peter Brouwers, on 20-06-2019
    Category: Podcast

    Three years ago a group of enthusiastic engineers gathered together during the Friday drinks. They wanted to interact more in the growing organization. Learn more from each other by sharing cool stories. The plan for a tech summit was born, they called it Spaces Summit.   Three years later the 3rd edition in succession is organized by a dedicated team of committed engineers. It’s the 13th of June and the Techlab Podcast team is on the Spaces Summit location to give you an impression of the Spaces Summit.   We interviewed one of the committee members to tell you the What, Why…

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    Spaces Summit – Launching for the 3rd edition

    Niels Kuiper, on 7-06-2019
    Category: Culture, Development, Events

    On June 13th, we organize the third edition of Spaces Summit: an internal tech conference for and by IT. From the start of the idea three years ago at a “borrel” (Friday afternoon drinks), Spaces Summit has become the biggest event inside IT to get inspired, learn, share knowledge, show off and get together as a community . This third edition will again be bigger than last year: a total of 500 attendees (150 more than last year!), an unusual afternoon keynote, inspiring talks on a variety of subjects, good…

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    Meetup: Angular and Progressive Web Apps

    Peter Paul van de Beek, on 5-06-2019
    Category: Development, Events

    On Wednesday the 26th of June will host a meetup about Angular and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Lars Meijdam en Marcel Visser (both Team Rockstars IT) will present on Progressive Web Apps. What are these PWA’s? What sets them apart from native apps? How to create them? Stefan Nieuwhuis will dive into taming huge enterprise applications with Mono repos, Design Systems & Web Components. Program 17.30 -18.30 Welcome, food and drinks 18.30 – 19.15 Progressive Web Apps – Lars Meijdam en Marcel Visser – Rockstars IT 19.15 – 19.45…

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    Meetup: René Feiner (MessageBird) & Maarten Dirkse ( – Migrating to the cloud

    Leon van Tegelen, on 9-05-2019
    Category: Cloud, Development, Events

    On Wednesday the 15th of May will host a meetup about migrating from on-prem to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). After dinner is served, René Feiner, director of engineering at MessageBird will kick off the evening and talk about how and why they moved from their datacenter to GCP. Then, after a short break, Maarten Dirkse, cloud advocate at, will discuss’s ongoing migration to GCP and what lessons they have learned along the way. So if you’re interested in why companies migrate to the cloud and how…

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    Meetup: Maarten Dirkse & Tariq Ettaji – CI/CD @ & Xebia

    Sjors van Berkel, on 16-01-2019
    Category: Cloud, Events

    During this meetup we will focus on modern CI/CD practices! Maarten Dirkse, cloud advocate at, will update us on the migration of from their in-house data center to the cloud. After a short break, we will continue with the next part of the evening, in which Tariq Ettaji will show us how to run a CI/CD stack using CloudFormation completely free of charge!

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    Part 1: Talks Spaces Summit v2.0

    Sjors van Berkel, on 8-07-2018
    Category: Blog, Architecture, Culture, Cloud, Development

    Last June, Spaces Summit was organized by and for employees. At Techlab, we want to celebrate this event by highlighting two presentations every month. This month, we will look at the challenges of moving our server infrastructure to the cloud, and, also important, how to use the cloud for pouring cold beer. Talk #1: Going to the cloud: Forget EVERYTHING you know! Speaker: Maarten Dirkse Genre: Way of working Slides Abstract: is moving to the cloud. When you’re doing so, what should you care about? Can you handle the…

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    Software Circus 2017

    Maarten Dirkse, on 5-09-2017
    Category: Culture, Events

    The conference with a kick is back! And they have been busy.. This time Software Circus will come back as a true FestiCon. Here they will challenge the status quo and bust this cloud open to really see what is in, out and around. And will be a part of this FestiCon Circus.

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    Meetup: Why Functional Programming Matters

    On: 29 Jun 2017 at:
    Category: Events

    Next week we welcome the meetup group Papers We Love Utrecht at Thursday, the 29th of June, the program will start at 6.30 PM. What to expect: How should we structure complex and large software programs? How can we ensure they are modular, easy to maintain and reason about? Functional programming provides higher order functions and lazy evaluation. How can these features be used to write programs with these nice properties? For this edition of Papers We Love, we are lucky to have João Pizani discuss classic paper by…

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    Meetup: Practice Java, Testing and Clean Code

    On: 3 Jul 2017 at:
    Category: Events

    On Monday the 3rd of July we would like to welcome you to join our Java practice. What to expect: Agenda 17:30 – 18:30 Walk-in 18:00 Food & drinks 18:30 Let’s do some exercises! 21:30 Wrapping up Food-wise has organized a buffet for non-vegetarian and vegetarian, with enough drinks/beers for the whole evening 🙂 Exercise Our colleague, Patrick, has three type of exercises ready. As a group we will decide at the beginning of the evening which one we want to do. The exercises are: Introduction into Testing, with JUnit…

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    Ladies that UX Utrecht take over

    Thatiana, on 29-03-2017
    Category: UX, Development

    Last Wednesday we had an inspiring evening at We held Ladies that UX Utrecht meetup as part of our campaign Women in Tech*. Ladies that UX Utrecht is an existing group that brings together women that have passion for User Experience Design, tech and digital, positively promoting and teaching each other. They gladly brought two uplifting presentations to the 45 people in the audience. Before it everybody enjoyed a nice dinner and got prepared for what was coming after.

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    Let our partners shine

    Thatiana, on 20-03-2017
    Category: Culture, Development

    Today we had our third edition of Let partners shine. Around 50 bol.comer’s – among them software engineers, test engineers, information analysts, UX designers and business analysts – got together for the whole day to participate in this competition. The idea was to fix and improve little interactions that cause frustration for the users in the partner platform.

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    Unboxing – IT Young Professional Event

    On: 10 May 2017 at: HQ, Utrecht
    Category: Events

    Sign up is not only the largest online retailplatform in the Netherlands and Belgium. But we are also an innovative IT campus where it never feels like business as usual, where you have the right to challenge everything. And where you’re encouraged to find out what you’re most passionate about. At you can really make a difference. Our open, innovative work culture stimulates IT young professionals to find their passion first and expertise later. We expect you to build and break things. To think outside the box at our hackathons…

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    Nextbuild 2017

    On: 20 May 2017 at: High Tech Campus Eindhoven
    Category: Events

    On The NextBuild Conference I will host a talk about Designing scalable data intensive applications. At the datavolumes we need to process exceed the capacity of any single computer. As a consequence we are forced to think about designing our data intensive applications in such a way that they can be run on a cluster of systems and grow to handle much more that the volumes of today. In this talk I will show the main design concepts that has been using for more than 8 years that are needed to…

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    Codemotion 2017

    On: 17 May 2017 at: Kromhouthal, Amsterdam
    Category: Events

    Applying “web scale” patterns in the back office Peter Paul van de Beek (IT Architect at will show you in this session how we use “web scale” patterns to achieve scalability and flexibility in our back-office software. We will guide you through how we apply patterns like CQRS, event sourcing and micro services to solve puzzles in our back-office services. Interesting is that in our experience we don’t need these just to solve technical problems, they also help us solve some of our business problems! Sign up for…

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