Behind the Mask - Young Professionals contributing to the online platform for healthcare

Season 2020, Episode 63
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Today we take a look behind the mask. The moment we recorded this podcast episode the 2nd wave of Corona is hitting The Netherlands. In the first wave, the Corona crisis was causing a lot of pressure and stress on our healthcare system and nurses & caretakers specifically. With a couple of IT Young Professionals, we are helping a great project called “Behind The Mask”. It is a joint effort of UMC Utrecht, TU Delft and Erasmus MC.

What the episode covers

The project aims to help nurses maintain mental and physical health by providing an online platform where they can share experiences and stories and help each other by giving tips, support and sharing articles.

As we are helping them with a team of Young Professionals. We are providing them with technical expertise and guidance to get this unique platform up and running.


  • Nathan de Bruijn; Software Engineer in started in team Hedwig (marketing campaigns) and participant of the YP program 
  • Andras Herczeg; Software Engineer in and participant of the YP program, which he almost finished and friend of the show (Hackathon)

Other team members in the program are:

  • Boyd Hogerheijde
  • Vidjinder Hoeba

Show notes

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