Let our bol.com partners shine

    Thatiana, on 20-03-2017
    Category: Culture, Development

    Today we had our third edition of Let partners shine. Around 50 bol.comer’s – among them software engineers, test engineers, information analysts, UX designers and business analysts – got together for the whole day to participate in this competition. The idea was to fix and improve little interactions that cause frustration for the users in the partner platform.

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    Bol.com launches beta environment

    Daan Giesen, on 16-03-2017
    Category: Blog, UX, Development

    Bol.com starts an online test environment called beta.bol.com. It is a way to test and experiment quickly with new (technical) ideas and concepts in order to improve the shopping experience of the customer. This new environment is opened in order to speed up the innovation process from idea to realization, and fills up the gap between user research (N = 1) and A/B testing (N = >100k).

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    How structure helps me to maintain software

    Oscar Westra van Holthe - Kind, on 7-02-2017
    Category: Development

    Software maintenance can be hell. I’m sure that many developers have opened up an existing codebase, only to be greeted with a plethora of packages. You can usually see in excruciating detail the kinds of classes the software has. Any features implemented by the software are obfuscated. And once you slowly, ever so slowly, get to know the software, it gets worse: all those packages have a more or less good reason to exist. This means refactoring bit by bit (the boy scout rule) only makes the situation worse, and…

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    My baby was leaky and now it’s not

    Roy Jacobs, on 7-02-2017
    Category: Development

    When you build a service at bol.com your responsibility doesn’t end once the build is green. You’re actually supposed to run it (and keep it running) in production, too. Luckily, our team doesn’t have to do this all by ourselves: there are platform and infrastructure teams to turn to and other development teams to harass over coffee. It’s a bit like caring for a newborn baby I suppose: you try to do a lot yourself but when the baby starts crying for the first time you’ll need all the help…

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