Our agile journey so far – Part 4: Servant leaders

    By Menno Vis on 23-08-2017
    Category: Blog, Culture, Development

    This is the fourth post about our growth story. In the previous blog post we explained how bol.com realized an organizational change with YBIYRIYLI (You build it, you run it, you love it). Now it’s time to take a closer look at the more personal part. How can a company make sure employees stay happy and motivated? What does it take to be a leader in a company with autonomous teams? And how did bol.com take on this challenge?

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    Our agile journey so far – Part 2: involving everyone

    By Menno Vis on 27-03-2017
    Category: Culture, Development

    This is the second post about our growth story. In the first blog post we introduced our Man on the Moon program; how we plan to manage a fast growing company like ours. In this second part we’ll explain how we have involved all stakeholders and participants in our journey to the moon. Also, we’ll share what has inspired us and how this has helped us to set our own direction.

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    Unboxing bol.com – IT Young Professional Event

    On: 10 May 2017 at: bol.com HQ, Utrecht
    Category: Events

    Sign up Bol.com is not only the largest online retailplatform in the Netherlands and Belgium. But we are also an innovative IT campus where it never feels like business as usual, where you have the right to challenge everything. And where you’re encouraged to find out what you’re most passionate about. At bol.com you can really make a difference. Our open, innovative work culture stimulates IT young professionals to find their passion first and expertise later. We expect you to build and break things. To think outside the box at our hackathons…

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    Our agile journey so far – Part 1: bol.com to the moon!

    By Menno Vis on 1-03-2017
    Category: Culture

    From a small online book store to an e-commerce platform with 7 million customers. That’s the short version of the bol.com story so far. This is the first post from a series through which we would like to share our growth story. These posts are written by Roy Gielen, an agile enabler who interviewed several persons at bol.com on this topic.

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    Codemotion 2017

    On: 17 May 2017 at: Kromhouthal, Amsterdam
    Category: Events

    Applying “web scale” patterns in the bol.com back office Peter Paul van de Beek (IT Architect at bol.com) will show you in this session how we use “web scale” patterns to achieve scalability and flexibility in our back-office software. We will guide you through how we apply patterns like CQRS, event sourcing and micro services to solve puzzles in our back-office services. Interesting is that in our experience we don’t need these just to solve technical problems, they also help us solve some of our business problems! Sign up for…

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