Meetup: Why Functional Programming Matters

    On: 29 Jun 2017 at:
    Category: Events

    Next week we welcome the meetup group Papers We Love Utrecht at Thursday, the 29th of June, the program will start at 6.30 PM. What to expect: How should we structure complex and large software programs? How can we ensure they are modular, easy to maintain and reason about? Functional programming provides higher order functions and lazy evaluation. How can these features be used to write programs with these nice properties? For this edition of Papers We Love, we are lucky to have João Pizani discuss classic paper by…

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    Meetup: Practice Java, Testing and Clean Code

    On: 3 Jul 2017 at:
    Category: Events

    On Monday the 3rd of July we would like to welcome you to join our Java practice. What to expect: Agenda 17:30 – 18:30 Walk-in 18:00 Food & drinks 18:30 Let’s do some exercises! 21:30 Wrapping up Food-wise has organized a buffet for non-vegetarian and vegetarian, with enough drinks/beers for the whole evening 🙂 Exercise Our colleague, Patrick, has three type of exercises ready. As a group we will decide at the beginning of the evening which one we want to do. The exercises are: Introduction into Testing, with JUnit…

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    Joost van Wollingen, on 19-04-2017
    Category: Testing, Events

    What is testing? What is the testing role?  Is testing a demonstration that a product fulfills its declared functional requirements? If machinery can be programmed to check hundreds and thousands of functions in a second, do we need testers any more? Michael Bolton – The balance between social & technical skills Michael Bolton says we do, but not so much to check for functional correctness—which arguably should never have been a central part of the tester’s job in the first place.  We need people in a testing role to do…

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    Video: James Bach on the future of the testing role

    Joost van Wollingen, on 21-03-2017
    Category: Development, Testing

    We hosted the Techlab meetup on the 15th of March, which was a very well visited evening. James kicked off the night in style by speaking about the future of the testing role. He also went into detail on what skills make testers unique and that readiness to pick up tasks is crucial to be able to do a task well. Click read more to see the video!

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    The future of the testing role

    On: 15 Mar 2017 at: HQ, Utrecht
    Category: Events

    For years now, the role of the tester has been the topic of discussion and debate. The way we develop software in the age of Scrum, Agile and DevOps appears to have shifted the tasks and responsibilities associated with software testing for some us. Competitive markets demand a shorter time to market, without impacting quality. During this meetup we will take a deep dive into this topic, started off by James Bach, who will present his vision, followed by the visions of Xebia and We hope to offer some…

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